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Hair Discolouration

Monday, 8 July 2019  |  Admin

Hair Extensions Discolouration

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Why do hair extensions fade or change colour?

This is a really hot topic at the minute. Particularly with shows like Love Island where the girls blonde extensions have turned pinky. But there is a way to prevent or rectify this.

Why do hair extensions discolour?

Believe it or not it is a common occurrence for blonde hair extensions to turn brassy or even a pink/ salmon colour. This happened because of the amount to processing the hair has gone through to get it from its original colour of dark brown or black to get it to its new blond shade.

The most common colours for doing this are the more ash tones (or the ones that start off with ash tones in) and it is because MOST hair on the market (even when they call it European or Russian as it is from areas like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan etc) is still black to begin so when they are lifted they produce a very warm or golden blonde. This hair is then toned with violet and ash to give us the ash tone were are looking for. Whilst the colours used in this process are not the same colours used in hairdressing in the Uk they will last a while but can soon discolour.

What causes discolouration?

The most common causes are minerals found in the water if you are in a hard water area, chlorine, sea water, sun or even sulphate free shampoo can cause this depending on the other ingredients in it. As mentioned above all of these factors strip away the toners that are applied after lifting and reveal the warm tone.

How to prevent discolouration?

The first prevention is an obvious one, avoidance. but this isn't always possible, especially when living in a hard water area. We do however advise not having extensions fitted just before going on holiday or if you swim on a very regular basis.

Some client may choose to have their extensions fitted a while before their holiday so the extensions are coming to the end of their life anyway when they go away. On the other hand some clients may choose to still have them fitted but decide they will stay out of the pool and sea and wear a sun hat. In this case clients need to be advised to have a good heat protector on at all times and use their leave in treatment frequently, wear their hair up and out of the water if they do go in the pool or sea and wash their hair as soon as possible after. 

As we also mentions you may be surprised to learn some shampoos can cause this to happen, even some  shampoos which claim to be sulphate free. This is why its so important to use the aftercare products recommended by your supplier as the have trialed and tested them on their hair extensions.

How to rectify discolouration?

So your client has ignored your advice and been away spent the whole time in the pool and come back with orange extensions instead of blonde!

Or you have that amazing client who allows all your advice but lives in a very hard water area and has salmon looking extensions, short of getting her to move house, which is a bit drastic there is a solution for both these ladies.

First as with all natural hair which turns brassy we would recommend a blue/silver shampoo to counteract the tone. We recommend Matrix Total Results range or Milk_Shake Silver shine shampoo. Apply these gently and quickly and the extensions can grab the pigment very quickly. You may want to advice the client to mix the shampoo in a bowl with warm water and pour it over their hair to dilute the shampoo and ensure even coverage.

Another option particularly for hard water is Malibu C Hard Water Remedy this is a treatment which can help to remove hard water impurities from hair and hair extensions. Typically you would need 2+ sachets to treat a full set of extensions. Depending on the severity more then one treatment may be needed.

After these treatments make sure you client continues with intensive conditioning, leave in treatments and heat protection.


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