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Nano Rings

Thursday, 26 September 2019  |  Admin

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

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The Hair Extension Industry changes so regularly and rapidly

First it was all fusion and weaves ….then prebonded was the best thing since sliced bread. Micro rings and Copper Tubes soon took over with the discreet Tape Extensions swiftly following. Those teeny tiny little nanos soon popped into the limelight and went out as quick as they came in ….. Tapes & Wefts made a huge come back, with stick tip hair getting smaller and smaller and the rings or tubes that you fit them with were also shrinking until we have shrunk back to Nano Hair extensions again and now the is the ‘must have’ ‘go to’ extension fitting on the market right now. 
Hair Rebellion were ahead of their time and stocked the Nano hair before practically every other supplier, the first time round, launching their amazing HUSH Range of Indian Temple Nano Hair. It really was beautiful but there were problems around nano rings at that time …. silicone lined ones didn’t exist and the rings were getting smaller. They ended up being so small you simply could not fit enough hair through one to hold the weight of the extension. Hair Rebellion, as a reputable and safety conscious supplier, decided to exit that side of the market and continue with their core ‘Classic’ Range of Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions in Stick Tip & Nail Tip
Following tons of desperate requests we are now launching a new brand of Nano Hair. we currently offer nano hair in our Virgin Peruvian range by special order but our ‘Classic’ Indian Range will be graced with its presence very soon so watch this space.
Popularity of lengths change constantly too ….. people now seem to be wanting Extensions longer and longer and thicker and thicker. Due to this we will be slowly selling through our 18” classic wefts in 100g's and introducing 20” wefts in 50g’s…..this will enable our customers and your clients a little more flexibility as most are now wanting 150g of weft hair rather than the rather outdated 100g of hair. 
Don’t forget if you are interested in any of the fitting methods mentioned in here and are not yet qualified we provide excellent and informative training in all methods 

All Hair Rebellion Hair Extensions are 100% Remy

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