Kit add ons

Here you can select an extra items you wish to add to your standard kit like an extra loop needle or training head.

For all trainings every trainee must also have

  • Section Clips x 6- at least 3 must be straight section clips – not butterfly or croc clips
  • Hairdressing scissors- preferably not your best ones as extensions blunt your scissors
  • Tail/Sectioning comb

If you do not have these they can be selected below and will be delivered along with your kit to your training

Make sure you log in with the account details you booked your training under to make sure you get your training trade discount. 

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ScissorsFrom:  £8.91

Bushido Blade

Bushido Blade£16.94

Section Clips

Section ClipsFrom:  £2.89

Tail Comb

Tail CombFrom:  £2.09

Multi Tool Pliers

Multi Tool Pliers£9.58

Threading Needles

Threading NeedlesFrom:  £1.80

Silicone Rolling Mats

Silicone Rolling Mats£5.30

Scalp Protector

Scalp Protector£2.68

Finger cots

Finger cots£2.62

Consultation Pads

Consultation Pads£9.58

Hush Fitting  Pouch

Hush Fitting Pouch£6.69

Replacement Razor Blades

Replacement Razor Blades£4.41

Weaving Needles

Weaving Needles£3.52

Hairdressers  pouch

Hairdressers pouch£16.90

Weaving Thread

Weaving Thread£4.42

22'' Training Head

22" Training Head£15.00

Replacement Certificate

Replacement Certificate£10.00

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Page 1 of 1:    17 Items