Standard Kits

Below are all our standard kits available for purchase either as a stand alone kit or if you are attending 1 of our trainings.

 These kits are required for training so please select the kit relevant to the training course you are attending.

For all trainings every trainee must also have:

  • Section Clips x 6-at least 3 must be straight section clips – not butterfly or croc clips
  • Hairdressing scissors-preferably not your best ones as extensions blunt your scissors
  • Tail/Sectioning comb

If you do not have these they can be purchased from our Kit add-ons selection

If you already have items that are required in your kit then please visit our Bespoke Kits section and simply select the remaining items individually rather than purchasing a full kit.

Salon Kit – Must have at least 1 of each tool in the basic kit but can only share 1 application tool (loop needle, micro ring pliers, heat connector) between 2 trainees…. eg if you have 4 trainees doing prebonded training you will require at least 2 heat connectors

Unfortunately there will not be tools etc available for you to borrow on the day of training.

Make sure you log in to your trade account or with the account details you booked your training under to make sure you get your training trade discount. 

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